Born and raised in Wanamingo, MN, I transplanted myself in Richmond, CA via a brief stopover at University of Wisconsin, Madison. In 2005, I earned my Technical Writing Certificate at California State University - East Bay and became Chief Technical Writer at Exatron, Inc. in San Jose.

Over the last six years, I've honed my skills in a number of copy and technical writing jobs, becoming especially adept at tailoring my style to fit a given audience, analyzing content to identify the most salient points, and expressing complex ideas with clarity and concision. 

A technical writer by day and a poet by night and day, I have also co-authored and self-published This Has Happened: Words and Images After the Crash, collection of poems and artwork detailing mine and Jeannine Chappell's responses to the drunk driving collision that claimed her son, Alex, and left me in the hospital for a month.

I am a father, a husband, a writer, a drummer, a singer, a reader, a thinker, and a lover of observing small everyday moments.